The greatest tool of lawyers is their ability to think. Come April 2020, Lawyers across the country will gather to slug it out in a Chess tournament. In an interview with the multiple award winning visioneer, more interesting details are revealed. 

Can we meet you? 
I am Charles Ajiboye, a lover of chess, a thinker, a speaker, a lawyer, an author and many things to different people. I am the Founding Partner at The Penthouse Law and Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikeja, and former Chairman of the NBA Young Lawyers forum. 
Please tell us about the Charles Ajiboye National Chess Tournament for Lawyers? 
Yes, it is a tournament I have always nurtured in my mind. I have always loved people who think smartly and this is an opportunity to celebrate what I love. I am grateful to the people at The Penthouse Solicitors for choosing to support this dream.
It is a championship event designed for lawyers by lawyers to amplify and promote the passion for chess and the beneficial impact it has on the thinking abilities of lawyers. The championship is designed to bring lawyers all across the country who will compete with each other for various  prizes. It is with the patronage of the Nigeria Chess Federation and the FIDE (World Chess Federation).
What are the prizes to be won? 
The prizes to be won according to the positions are:  
1st  Position: N500,000 with Championship trophy and Medal
2nd position: N300,000 with Championship trophy and Medal
3rd position:  N200,000 with Championship trophy and Medal
In addition, there will be various consolation prizes.
How can people participate in the tournament?
Lawyers who would be contesting for a prize at the tournament will have to register on Also, law students, lawyers and non-lawyers who are interested in attending can attend at no cost. For confirmation of attendance and enquiries on accommodation you call Olajide Ajibowo, Esq. on 08139358527. 
Is this going to be an annual event?
Well, that is the plan, and I am really hopeful of the success of this maiden edition.
We learnt that you are aspiring to be the next National Assistant Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association. Is this going to affect the tournament being an annual event?
It is true that I intend to serve the profession as you have rightly said. But this tournament is even a deeper way to serve. Moreso, it is being powered by The Penthouse Law, and they are not joking with it at all.
Do you play chess?
Definitely I do. However, I’m not a pro. 
When did you start playing chess? 
I cannot remember. But a really long time ago.
What is the schedule of the tournament?
The tournament is scheduled to begin on Friday 10th of April at the 3 star Orchid Hotel, Lekki, Lagos. The tournament itself is proposed to be a one day event which is to be held on 10th (Arrival/Players meeting), 11th of April (Academy and Tournament day), and 12th April, 2020 (Closing).
Can non-lawyers participate in the tournament? 
Yes, but only as observers and special guests who will play in the opening leisure game. There will also be a law student category in the tournament. The tournament is strictly for lawyers and law students. However, non-lawyers can be part of our audience. Admission for such is free.
What is the highlight of the tournament? 
The tournament will host over 500 lawyers and Law Students from all over Nigeria, with an opening leisure game face-off by eminent personalities from all walks of life including the Bench and Bar. 
Do you have sponsors already or the tournament is self-funded? 
The event would be massive and a veritable ground for sponsorship. Some individuals and corporate bodies have shown interest in taking advantage of the opportunity the tournament provides. There is however still room to leverage on the event, as this event will further help position brands as premium brands and put them in the hands and faces of people that matter in the industry.
What are the expectations to look forward to at the tournament?
The tournament being the first of its kind promises to be thrilling, engaging, fun and interesting. It is definitely the most prestigious and most rewarding sport event for lawyers in Nigeria.There will be an academy where people will learn how to play chess. Invitation has been sent to The Governor of Lagos State, Commissioner for Youth, Sport, Social Development. The Attorney General of Lagos State, The Chief Judge of Lagos State, Senior Advocates of Nigeria and various legal luminaries and Captains of Industry.