What are the intentions of the learned silks who orchestrated this reform? If it is not self seeking why are they not collaborating with the leadership of the NBA for a better or the said reform?

 It is crystally pellucid with due respect to the undersigned learned silks, the disposition, allegiance and position of most of the SAN’s who signed this ‘reform’  shows that they are not in support of the present leadership of the NBA. This is more of a tussle against a constituted authority,the NBA,than a reform. My opinion.
These questions are directed to the silks that signed this ‘reform’:
1.Wouldn’t it have been better for the silks to liaise with the NBA for a better reform?
2.Majority of the silks who signed the said reform move, did not support the present leadership of the NBA and they have on several occasions displayed their disgust and hate for the PU administration. Is the said reform not geared towards antagonising the NBA for personal aggrandisement?
3.Are these silks showing a good example to young lawyers in obedience to constituted authority as enshrined in the NBA bye laws?
4.Are these silks having the backing of The Body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria?
5.Under whose authority are they operating to bring about the desired reform to our justice sector system, without the backing of the NBA?
6.Will this not amount to ‘treason’ against your Association?
7.If most of the silks who undersigned, had their preferred candidate at the helm’s of NBA affairs. Would they have signed this reform? or collaborate with their candidate to build a better association?
8.Why is there more rancour, envy, bitterness and jealousy in the Inner Bar than we have at the outer Bar?
9.Did the undersign truly represent unity and One Nigeria in their composition?
10.Can the undersigned learned Silks in their translucent moment, state that this Present administration hasn’t been doing well in piloting our affairs?
11.Are lawyers from the outer Bar not knowledgeable enough to drive the said reform? Why only learned silks?
How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man, to see the unification of all Nigerian lawyers. Most especially the learned silks.
Our strength should be In our diversity and struggle. laced with our bond of been learned and our camaraderie.
We need to shun hatred, backbiting  and pull him down syndrome. If he is down *”na wetin you gain”* .The success, prestige, good image, and potency of NBA should be the pursuit of every member thereof. 
Even if I do not like the face of the President, I am bound to cooperate with him,criticise him constructively and don’t go against the decisions of NEC *(@Bayo Akinlade, lkorodu Chairman)* for the rest of his tenure. By that I am not doing him a favour, but myself. For the glory of the association is the glory of the individuals who make up the association.
I find strong wisdom, in the words of MR. A. B MAHMUD,SAN. OON
*”We must not allow anything to distort our unity as an institution. We must come out strong and united,let us be cautious not to divide ourselves.”*
If our learned silks are sincere,without any bias or ill motive,they should join hands and forces together with this present administration for a better reform of our Association and the Judiciary.
*#kindness is the language the blind can see#*
Just passing bye,what do I know, am just a young lawyer.
Yours, in truth.
Ogaga Emoghwanre, Esq