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A – Z Of Sports Law


The A to Z of Sports Law and Business is a comprehensive and bite-sized industry guide book for lawyers and non-lawyers to all the major hot topics you need to know in the sports industry.




A Force of Justice (A book in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade)


This book was published in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade JSC (RTD) in 2010. It focuses on some of the landmark cases where Justice Oguntade either delivered the leading judgment or a dissenting judgment subjecting them to critical review and comprehensive assessment in well articulated and researched essays by the contributors.

Contributors include over 24 Senior Advocates and other distinguished Legal Practitioners and Professors, including; Professor Yemi Osibajo SAN, Professor Taiwo Osipitan SAN, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, Kola Awodein SAN, Professor Oyelowo Oyewo SAN, Dr. Alex Iziyon SAN, Chief Bolaji Ayorinde SAN, Kemi Pinheiro SAN, Tayo Oyetibo SAN, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade SAN, Professor Ayo Atsenuwa, Dr Olisa Agbakoba SAN. Etc


Babalola’s Law Dictionary (2nd Edition)


Babalola’s Law Dictionary Of Judicially Defined Words And Phrases  (2nd Edition) lists over 3300 definitions and cites over 5000 cases. The Dictionary remains a must have for every lawyer, law firm and law student.




Casebook On Data Protection


The book is divided into fourteen chapters.  After an introduction that traces the brief history of data protection in Nigeria, separate chapters are devoted to Definitions, Relationship with other rights; Principles of Data Protection; Exceptions and Derogation; Employment Data; Sensitive Data; Transfer of Data to a Foreign Country; Liability of Data Controllers; Data Subject’s Rights; Data Breach; Remedies; Data Property Rights; Supervisory Authority and Appendices that feature the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation and the NDPR Implementation Framework.


Casebook On Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria


Human rights litigation in Nigeria is the latest book on Human rights by Frank Agbedo, author of the popular law books, Rights of Suspects and Accused Persons and Human Rights Litigation in Nigeria.

This book focuses on a compilation of leading cases on all salient legal principles and issues affecting fundamental rights enforcement in Nigeria.

This book painstakingly addresses the predicament of lawyers and judges in accessing relevant cases of interest, by providing and updating the practitioners with a comprehensive collection of (both current and locus classicus) reported cases mainly from decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, on all notable issues of law and procedure relating to human rights litigation in Nigeria.

Every chapter presents you with a gamut of leading cases on fundamental issues and principles on enforcement of fundamental rights of citizens under our laws, etc, namely;

  1. The meaning, definition, and classification of fundamental rights.
  2. Limitations to enforcement of fundamental rights.
  3. Commencement of Action for enforcement of fundamental rights.

3( i) Who may sue for enforcement of fundamental rights.

3(ii) Whetter the Constitutional right to life of a deceased can be enforced by his/ her dependents.

3(iii) Whetter an Application can be filed by more than one person for the enforcement of fundamental rights.

  1. The liability of a Public Officer who allows himself to be used by a citizen to commit illegality such as debt recovery or settlement of civil claims.
  2. Whether every citizen is duty-bound to report the commission of an offence to the Police and the corresponding duty of the Police to investigate it.

6.Whether both the High Court and Federal High Court have concurrent jurisdiction to entertain and determine Fundamental Rights Application.

7.Condition Precedent to the exercise of the Court’s jurisdiction in an Action for enforcement of fundamental rights.

8.The right of an Applicant to Compensation and Damages in an action for the infringement of his fundamental rights.

9.Whether the Socio-economic rights provided in Chapter II of the constitution are totally nonjusticiable in Nigerian Courts.

  1. Landmark cases from other jurisdictions.


Dark Hearts (Hard Cover)


Dark Hearts is a collection of gripping short stories based on actual court cases that will get you thinking, gaping, puzzled and wondering about the realities of the dark side of life. This compilation provides rare insights into the criminal mind.



Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria: Law, Practice And Procedure


This book is written by Mr. Frank Agbedo, one of Nigeria’s leading authors in human rights literature and jurisprudence.

Principal features of the book include but are not limited to the ABC of human rights litigation, an in depth analysis of the new FREP Rules 2009, A review of judicial attitude to enforcement of Fundamental Rights Cases, Prosecuting Appeals in Fundamental Rights Cases, The status of public interest litigation in Nigerian Courts, The Role of Amici Curae in human rights litigation, the justiciability or judicialisation of socio-economic rights in Nigerian Courts and the future of human rights litigation. The book also features a comprehensive package of practice forms and precedents relating to practical applications for enforcement of fundamental rights, as well as a comprehensive index of cases and relevant statutes.

Practice forms and precedents

The book is almost a ready answer to all issues and matters relating to preparation, initiation, filing and prosecution of fundamental right cases in Nigerian Courts. The book is comprehensive enough to the cover of the field of human right law, practice and procedure and which could be better described as a One-Stop-Shop in human rights litigation.


International Arbitration Law And Practice: The Practitioners Perspective


Edited by: Tolu Aderemi

The Practitioners Perspective” is one book every arbitration practitioner or student should have.

The Book is a compendium of scholarly papers that focus on contemporary topics which will deepen the practice of arbitration; whether at a junior or mid-Senior level. This book is a valuable resource tool for Arbitration Practitioners and is a welcome contribution to the body of knowledge on the topic in Nigeria.

The book which is edited by Tolu Aderemi, Partner, Perchstone & Grays, is also a compilation of articles by seasoned international arbitration practitioners from both within and outside the Nigerian legal jurisdiction including very eminently qualified and senior Arbitration practitioners such as Kamal Shah (UK), Funke Adekoya SAN, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour SAN, Hon. Justice Nnamdi Dimgba, Tunde Fagbohunlu SAN, Osaro Eghobamien SAN, BOLAJI AYORINDE SAN, FCArb., O.F.R., Bode Olanipekun, SAN, Tunde Busari, SAN, FCIS, FCIArb, @Ikponwosa Omigie (Company Secretary, NAPIMS), Prof Alero Akeredolu, Funmi Roberts and Prof Olawuyi.

This book is a valuable resource tool for Arbitration Practitioners and is a welcome contribution to the body of knowledge on the topic in Nigeria.


Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 1, No.2)


Articles in this Volume include:

  1. The Effect of Governance On The Performance Of Money Deposit Banks In Nigeria.
  2. Legal And Other Impacts Of Foreign Investments In Nigeria Since The Second Republic
  3. Getting it Right Between Criminal Liability And Anti – Social Behaviour
  4. The Imperative Of Establishing Appellate Courts Over Industrial Disputes In Nigeria
  5. Arbitration In Criminal Matters: Hoax Or Possibility
  6. CAMA 2020
  7. OAU vs. Onaolaji Builders Limited: A Needless Judicial Intervention

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Law for the Layman is a book aimed at promoting legal literacy in Nigeria by bridging the gap between YOU and the LAW using the simplest language easy for comprehension in an entertaining style coupled with interesting cases and first-hand experiences from the lens of a legal practitioner.



Legal Rights And Obligations Under Nigerian Laws (Ebook)


This book educates the average Nigerian and visitor on Nigerian laws. It contains explainers on over 80 Nigerian laws for the benefit of the reader. The Hard Cover copy of this book is sold for N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira).




Metamorphosis; Tales By A Lawyer Girl


A fascinating and entertaining book, one that exposes the challenges of young professionals, in this case a young lawyer and her drive for success.




New Developments In Law And Practice In Nigeria


This book examines a wide array of topical and contemporary areas of law and Practice, which include the following subjects: The Constitution; Administration of Justice; Practice and Procedure; Corporate Law including tax; Shipping Investment, arbitration, money laundering, insolvency issues; Intellectual property, media, and the Legal profession, among others.






The book in a painstaking manner dwells on the fundamental rights of citizens, with particular reference to the rights of suspects and defendants as guaranteed by the Constitution of Nigeria, the Penal Code and some International Charters and Instruments which have been ratified by Nigeria. Major highlights include (a) The rights of a Suspect before and after Arrest by security agents, (b) Rights of a Suspect/Defendant during trial before a Court of Law, ( c) The Duties of the State/Prosecution in Criminal trials, (d) Defences available to an Accused person/Defendant during trial, (e) Rights of suspects/ Convict after trial, (f) Rights of Suspects in Prison Custody, (g) Legal remedies against rights violations, (h)Obstacles to effective Criminal Justice Administration in Nigeria, (i) Criminal Justice reforms, (j) Domestication of International Covenants on Human rights, (k) Appendixes of relevant laws. etc, etc.


Social Media For Lawyers


This book helps lawyers, and law firms can harness social media resources to boost clientele, establish their reputations in niche practice areas and advance their legal careers.

Author- Adedunmade Onibokun


The Employment Law Handbook


The Employment Law Handbook is written to fill a gap identified in the nature of texts on Employment and Labour Law in Nigeria. While there are many well-researched books on the general principles of Labour and Employment Law, there is a dearth of quick reference materials for Human Resource Managers and Legal Practitioners who have to grapple with taking decisions and advising on workplace related issues on a daily basis. This need is accentuated by the rapid changes in this area of the Law in recent years.

This book provides answers to most of the frequently asked questions on Employment and Labour Law, contains a synopsis of all Employment and Labour Law related legislations as well as selection of precedents.


The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issues


The books aims at giving industry participants all the necessary negotiating tools as they engage in the complexities within the power sector in Nigeria. The books discusses licenses, agreements, and regulations that operate within the power industry space.



Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market


There have been several policies in the Petroleum industry such as those related to local content and domestic gas supply obligations. This book provides a clear Insight about executing transactions, obtaining licenses and other complex issues industry participants encounter.



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