Every successful lawyer has a rich and up to date law library; it’s one of the requirements for success, whether you are in private or in-house practice. Below, we have a provided a list of over 100 books you can add to your library, all specially curated from diverse areas of practice and are available on the legalnaija bookstore for delivery to you anywhere in and out of Nigeria.

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 List of books on Legalnaija Bookstore

  1. A – Z Of Sports Law by Olisa Agbakoba Legal  (₦2,500)
  2. A Compedium Of Practice Notes ₦17500
  3. A Force of Justice (A collection of law articles published in honour of Hon. Justice Oguntade JSC Rtd)(₦30,000)
  4. A Hand Book Of Criminal Law And Procedure Through Cases (Hard Cover) ₦15000
  5. Administration of Criminal Justice Act Annotated ₦10500
  6. ADR and Arbitration In Nigeria by Abdulsalam O. Ajetunmobi (N8500)
  7. ADR Proceedings (N3500)
  8. Anatomy of Crime of Corruption in Nigeria (Vol. 1) ₦9500
  9. Anatomy of Crime of Corruption in Nigeria (Vol. 1) ₦9500
  10. Annotated Nigeria Data Protection Act, 2023 ₦20000
  11. Aviation Law An Practice In Nigeria by Ugo Ezeugwa (N21,500)
  12. Babalola’s Law Dictionary Of Judicially Defined Words And Phrases (2nd Edition)(₦5,000)
  13. Bhadmus on Corporate Law (N13000)
  14. Board Committees: Directors Guide for Effectiveness ₦23000
  15. Business Law And Practice 1 (N13500)
  16. Business Law And Practice 2 (N13500)
  17. Carriage Of Goods By Sea ₦19000
  18. Casebook On Data Protection (₦20,000)
  19. Casebook On Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria (₦20,000)
  20. Cases & Materials On Nigerian Legal System (N8,000)
  21. Child’s Right Act, 2003 ₦3650
  22. Civil and Criminal Litigation In Nigeria (N10,000)
  23. Civil Litigation In Nigeria (N10,000)
  24. Commercial Law And Practice by Eni EjaAlobo (₦10000)
  25. Company Law And Practice In Nigeria (N13,500)
  26. Company Secretary’s Guide On Corporate Governance ₦19000
  27. Compendium Of Consumer Protection Law In Nigeria (N13,500)
  28. Competition Law, Local Content, and Capital Market (₦6000)
  29. Contemporary Issues In Nigerian Constitutional Law (₦8000)
  30. Corporate Finance and Investment by Joseph Ezenwa (N5500)
  31. Corporate Governance and Sustainable Reporting in Nigeria ₦16500
  32. Corporate Governance by Richard Adepeju& Felix OjemhedeAkahome (₦7500).
  33. Court Of Appeal Rules 2021 (N3500).
  34. Criminal Evidence in Nigeria (N11000)
  35. Criminal Litigation In Nigeria (3rd Edition) by Afolayan (N13,000)
  36. Customary Land Law In Nigeria (N13,500)
  37. Dark Hearts (Hard Cover)(₦6,500)
  38. Debt Recovery In Nigeria by Emeka Odikpo (₦7000)
  39. Directors Handbook On Corporate Governance ₦16000
  40. Electoral Act 2022 (₦3000)
  41. Electronic Evidence And Digital Transaction Law ₦17000
  42. Enforcement of Fundamental Rights In Nigeria ₦9000
  43. Enforcement of Income Taxes ₦5500
  44. Entertainment Law In Nigeria by Michael Dugeri (₦25000)
  45. Essays on Nigerian Electricity Law (N6500)
  46. Family Law And Succession In Nigeria (N8000)
  47. Fatal Blunders And Considerations In Criminal Trial ₦17000
  48. Final Decisions In Criminal Laws And Practices In Nigeria ₦17500
  49. Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages In Personal Injury Cases ₦16000
  50. Hints On Land Documentation And Litigation In Nigeria (Paperback) by LayiBabatunde SAN (N9000)
  51. Hire Purchase And Sales Of Goods Act (N3500).
  52. Human Right and Enforcement Clinic ₦8500
  53. Human Rights And Civil Liberties In Nigeria (N5500)
  54. Human Rights Legal Protection of Children in Nigeria by Yinka Olomojobi (N13,000)
  55. Human Rights Litigation In Nigeria: Law, Practice And Procedure by Frank Agbedo (₦8,000)
  56. Human Rights On Gender, Sex And The Law In Nigeria (N7500).
  57. Impeaching Witness Credit In Nigeria (₦6000)
  58. Information & Communications Technology Law in Nigeria (N5000)
  59. Insurance Law In Nigeria (N5500)
  60. Interlocutory Applications (Trial And Appellate Practice) (₦8000)
  61. Internal Security, Criminal Justice And The Police (₦12000)
  62. International Arbitration Law And Practice: The Practitioners Perspective by Tolu Aderemi (₦10,000).
  63. Introduction To Nigerian Labour Law (N8500)
  64. Islamic Law of Evidence by Hanafi A. Hammed (N5000)
  65. Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 1, No.1)(₦5,000)
  66. Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 1, No.2)(₦5,000)
  67. Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 2, No.1)(₦5,000)
  68. Journal Of Current Law And Arbitration Practice (Vol 2, No.2)(₦5,000)
  69. Jurisprudence And Legal Theory (N6500)
  70. Jurisprudence And Legal Theory In Nigeria ₦8500
  71. Keaton On Building Contracts ₦250000
  72. Know Your Rights: Legal Guide For Everyday Life ₦10000
  73. Land Law In Nigeria ₦12500
  74. Law And Medical Ethics ₦65000
  75. Law And Practice Of Extra – Judicial And Confessional Statements ₦14000
  76. Law For The Layman(₦3,000)
  77. Law In Practice In Nigeria (N7000)
  78. Law In Practice in Nigeria ₦12000
  79. Law of Armed Conflict: Principles and Concepts by Hagler Okorie (N5000)
  80. Law Of Contract (N6500)
  81. Law of Evidence in Nigeria (N8500)
  82. Law of Succession ₦15500
  83. Law Of Tort (N7500)
  84. Legal Research And Writing In Nigeria by Adewale Taiwo (N4500)
  85. Legal Rights And Obligations Under Nigerian Laws (Ebook) (₦1500)
  86. Legal Rights And Obligations Under Nigerian Laws (Hard cover) (₦3000)
  87. LISTENEVERYHOW – How Negotiations Work by JemideAyuli (₦9800)
  88. Market Abuse Regulation ₦25000
  89. Mass Media Law by Ese Malami (N5500)
  90. Metamorphosis; Tales By A Lawyer Girl by AdeolaOsifeko (₦2800)
  91. Modern Appellate Procedures ₦15500
  92. Modern Approach To Intellectual Property Laws In Nigeria (N8,500)
  93. Money Laundering Act 2022 (N3000)
  94. Motions And Applications In Criminal Law Practice ₦11500
  95. New Developments In Law And Practice In Nigeria(Essays In Honour Of Dele Adesina SAN) (₦20,000)
  96. Nigeria Immigration Law And Practice ₦18500
  97. Nigerian Conservation Law And International Environmental Treaties by Amari Omaka (₦9000)
  98. Nigerian Energy And Natural Resources Law ₦6500
  99. Nigerian Energy And Petroleum Industry Law ₦25000
  100. Nigerian Energy Resources Law And Practice by Yemi Oke (₦10,500) – Unavailable.
  101. Nigerian Petroleum, Energy and Gas Resources Law by Olusola Joshua Olujobi (N20,000)
  102. Nigerian Tax Law And Administration (₦7000)
  103. Overturned Criminal Convictions In Nigeria (₦8000)
  104. Practical Approach To Chieftaincy Matters In Nigeria (N7500)
  105. Practical Approach To Civil And Criminal Liigation In Nigeria by A.O. Oluwadayisi, O.S. Akinwumi& A.F. OLorunyomi (N9500)
  106. Practical Approach To Effective Cross Examination (N6500)
  107. Practice Of Muslim Family Law In Nigeria ₦6750
  108. Precedents, Drafts and Forms for Lawyers ₦20000
  109. Principles & Practice Of Law Of Contract In Nigeria (N6000)
  110. Principles And Practice Of Plea Bargain (₦10000)
  111. Principles Of Bail In Nigeria by EkeminiUdim (₦5500)
  112. Principles Of Clinical Ethics And Their Legal Dimensions In Nigeria (Paper Back) by Prof. ShimaGyoh and LayiBabatunde SAN ₦5000
  113. Principles Of Formulation And Classification Of Grounds Of Appeal (N6500).
  114. Principles Of Formulation And Classification Of Grounds Of Appeal (₦6500).
  115. Principles Of Land Law In Nigeria ₦15500
  116. Privacy And Data Protection In Nigeria by Olumide Babalola (₦10,000)
  117. Probate And Letters Of Administration Made Easy (₦5500)
  118. Probate Practitioner’s Handbook ₦42000
  119. Property Law Practice In Nigeria (N7000)
  120. Public Health Law and Policy in Nigeria by Simon Uchenna Ortuanya (N13,000)
  121. Questions And Answers by Oluwadayisi (N8000)
  122. Revenue Law – Principles and Practice ₦57000
  123. Rights Of Suspects And Accused Persons Under Nigerian Criminal Law(₦6000).
  124. E.T Guide On Entertainment Law (N4000)
  125. Sexual Harassment And The Law (N2500)
  126. Social Media For Lawyers by Adedunmade Onibokun (Ebook) (₦1500).
  127. Social Media For Lawyers by Adedunmade Onibokun (Hard Cover) (₦3000).
  128. Sports Law And Practice ₦25000
  129. Studying And Practicing Law In Nigeria (N4,500)
  130. Tax Laws in Nigeria 2022 (N9000)
  131. The Bankers Remedy For Set-off ₦30000
  132. The Business of Running Your Business (N5000)
  133. The Criminal Law Library Stone & Johnson On Forensic Medicine ₦30000
  134. The Dialectics Of Alternative Dispute Resolution ₦35000
  135. The Employment Law Handbook by Jamiu Akolade(₦15000)
  136. The Law Of Affidavit Evidence (₦9500)
  137. The Law Of Evidence In Nigeria (N9500)
  138. The Law Of Succession In Nigeria ₦18500
  139. The Lawyer’s Companion – Paper Back by LayiBabatunde SAN (₦15000)
  140. The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issues by Dr. Ayodele Oni (₦35,000)
  141. The Nigerian Land Law (N5500)
  142. The Nigerian Legal Method by Ese Malemi (₦5000)
  143. The Shipping Law Review ₦85000
  144. Tourism, Travels, Entertainment And Hospitality Law by Olufemi Abifarin (₦3500)
  145. Trial within Trial In Criminal Proceedings by Ekemini Udim (N5500)
  146. Understanding Equitable Principles And The Law Of Torts (N9000).
  147. Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market by Dr. Ayodele Oni (₦50,000).
  148. White Book (₦165,000).

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