After a quick briefing
with my client, I am about to get in my car when I hear someone calling out “Dlaw,
Dlaw” from behind, I turn around and my heart skips a bit, guess who is pacing
towards me? Omalichanwa, the Ibo girl that broke my heart in the University. We
hug for a few seconds and immediately I get a whiff of her beautiful smell, I
am transported to what I would always remember as one of the most beautiful
times of my life.

I had met Oma at the Food
Market on campus and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. The most
beautiful flower paled to the sight of her. Her body was specially forged by
her maker and her smile seemed to shine like the sun. I had chased this girl
all over campus, trying every chivalrous move I knew but all my efforts were
futile. I was however rewarded one day she had come to eat and forgotten her
wallet. I overhead her mention it to one of our mutual friends and immediately
offered her the sole and only 500 Naira note in my wallet.
That single deed turned
out to be magic, as later in the evening Oma would return my calls for the
first time and also accept my BBM Invite. That was the beginning of a beautiful
relationship or so I thought. Spending time with her or just hearing her talk
was my favourite past time and I would always make time to have her be a part
of my day. But all that changed when Oma decided I wasn’t good enough for her
anymore and called it quits. 
According to her, we were
just friends and she never had the intention of dating me. Just friends! I had
screamed. After having married you and had great grand children in my dreams.
After fantasizing about our life together and looking forward to hearing your
voice every morning. How many of your friends send you a good morning message every
morning and chats with you all day? How many of your friends wants to hold and cuddle
you all day? How many of your friends concern themselves with your happiness every
day? Friends! 
It had taken two weeks of
binge drinking to get over her and a promise not to allow myself fall in love
again. Coupled with days of my heart feeling heavy and countless debates with
myself on whether to call her or not.  Last I heard of her, she was dating an old
school mate of mine and somehow hating her had helped me get over her quickly.
All that was however about to be undone. 
“Hi Dlaw, been a while”.
Yes Oma, I responded. Almost stuttering and bringing myself back to reality.
Compliments of the season, I manage to add. How have you been? “I am great and
it’s s nice to see you”, she adds. “Especially as I am sort of in a fix, My
Landlord has sued me and my lawyer is a no-show, I don’t know what to do and
the matter will be mentioned very soon”.
“Oma, don’t worry, I will
offer my services to you pro bono, which court is it” I am quick to add. If I
can’t represent Omalichanwa, then why did I go to law school or even become a
lawyer for that matter. What would be the purpose of my law degree if I could
not use it in a sacrifice of love.  
So I grab my garb and head
back into court, thinking more of Omalichanwa’s waist and the beads that used
to be there than the facts of her matter which she is trying to bring me up to
speed on. Apparently, Oma’s Landlord had served her a 6 month’s notice 3 months
before the expiry of her rent. However, the Landlord had backdated the letter
to accommodate the mandatory 6 month’s period of notice and had tendered the
back- dated letter in court. Luckily, she had written back to the Landlord
informing him of the date she had received the letter and stating she would
consider the Notice to begin to count from the date it was served on her. 
Unfortunately for the
Landlord, his lawyer had also commenced the suit against Oma before the expiry
of the valid 6 month’s Notice. Piece of cake I figured, I could do this with my
eyes closed. Oma’s matter is called and her landlord’s lawyer goes into a
rendition of his case. After his submissions, the judge looks at me and asks if
I have counter arguments. 
“My Lord” I begin. “It is
the position of the Defendant that this matter was improperly instituted as the
Defendant was not served with a valid Notice to Quit…………Due to this position My
Lord, we will be applying that the suit be struck out for lack of jurisdiction
”. I make my submissions and to our luck the judge decided to write a bench
ruling. “Suit struck out” the judge says and I am pleased to chorus “As the
court pleases”. 
Oma jumps into my arms as
we come out of court. Could it be I am now back to being her hero. “Dlaw, you
are so nice, you were awesome in court, I am so proud of you”, Oma goes on and
on. Just hearing her call my name is music to my ears and all my hate for this
girl who broke my heart just seems to thaw, like Her Volcano just erupted in my
Artic region and all the ice was melting away. She was the Tinashe to my Davido,
the Annie to my Tuface, the Bee to my hive. 
Maybe it was the taste of
victory that encouraged me to jump or walk ahead of my time but I felt this
would be a good time to ask Oma out again. “So Oma dear, would you like to have
dinner with me”. The look in her eyes already showed it was a bad idea. “Oh,
Dlaw, I am so sorry but I have to be at my boyfriend’s place in Maryland for
7.30”. What about tomorrow I say. “Oh sorry again Dlaw, I would still be at his
place”. And next week, I try one last time. “I am sorry Dlaw, but I don’t think
I would be free”. That’s the last thing I heard as she got into her car and
drove off. 
Chai, once again,
Omalichanwa just walked over my heart and turned me to mumu. OMG, I should have
charged her a professional fee I think to myself as I prepare to check into
heart break motel once again. I am driving on the 3rd Mainland Bridge
thinking of the favourite Ibo girl I hate to hate when a car runs into me from behind.
I jump out about to rain fire and brimstone on the culprit, when I see three policemen
alighting from the vehicle and one of them saying “Oga why you jam us, or are you
blind?” Me, jam you! How could I have hit you when I was driving forward and you
hit me from behind. “Oga, let’s go, you will explain it at the station…………
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