Nigeria has 21 million legal problems each year.

According to the 2018 Justice Needs and Satisfaction report, Nigerians encounter over 57,000 legal problems daily.

Everyday, at Legalnaija we help Nigerians resolve some of these problems by connecting them with expert lawyers or by providing them with information. By doing this, we are solving the problem of access to justice in Nigeria because we believe that a society grounded on the Rule of Law will definitely thrive and succeed.

If you are a lawyer, we will like you to join us in reviving our legal system by assisting citizens in protecting their rights, while also advancing your legal career and attracting new clients to your business. Excitingly, our Directory allows users filter their search for a lawyer via the Lawyer’s location, area of practice and gender.

If interested in this amazing opportunity for personal and national development, kindly ensure you are registered and have a valid subscription on the Lawyers Directory. Subscription is 1,000 Naira for 30 days; 5000 Naira for 6 months, and 10,000 Naira for 1 year.

Kindly note that if you do not have a valid subscription, we shall not be able to refer any briefs to you and clients won’t be able to find you.

If you are having any problem with your registration or subscription or if you want us to activate your subscription, thereby saving you the time, please text the word “Register” or “Subscribe” to 09029755663, or send a mail to

Remember, we are rooting for you.

Legalnaija Team