Leadership is wrought with highs and lows, bright and dim days. Times are when the moments swell with an air of success and shone on by fortune’s sun; yet at other times, challenges may whirl in like a storm or the bubble of many years’ work prickled by a thorn of chance. Yet and in all these, a leader maintains the same comportment as when the organization was in great shape.
Leadership position is a very complex affair and leadership must be by example if one is to have his team suspended in high spirit for a very long time and deliver on their given tasks. The team naturally follow his lead as his undaunted character and firm resolve automatically rub off on them; and its ripple effect accordingly affects the morale and sales of the organization.
Leadership isn’t everything, leadership by example is. He lives out that which he expects to see in his team. His competence and influence endears him to all and his team pick up on his positive cues. This is a leader who in fact, has advised a wide range of blue chip Nigerian and foreign companies in the areas of project finance and development, equity raising,infrastructure development and management buy-outs. 
This is a leader who knows the nitty-gritty of corporate investments and negotiations, using his financial skills to earn multiple returns for clients.
The largest Bar in Africa, having been faced and battered over the years with a lot of challenges, needs to take its rightful place among the distinguished body of professionals. This is only possible with great hands with an excellent track record of success even in challenging circumstances; a leader who is led by high and tested principles and work ethics. A leader who is himself an example to all.
Leadership is no gamble; its either by example or its nothing. 
Paul Usoro, SAN is a worthy example!