The Eastern Bar  forum has adopted Aurthur Obi Okafor as their Presidential candidate in the forthcoming election of the Nigerian Bar Association contrary to the public opinion of a large number of members of the EBF. 

It was reported that the motion was raised and a lawyer who opposed the adoption was shouted down by lawyers in support of the adoption. This led to a walk out by many lawyers who were bitter over the rascally way the adoption was handled.
The anti-adoption lawyers have continued to denounce the adoption and have publicly registered their opposition. Despite reports of both physical and verbal abuse from the supporters of the adoption by EBF. 
Lawyers across the country have continued to denounce the adoption of a sole candidate by the EBF and continue to support a position of equality and fair opportunity for willing candidates to contest. The NBA being a body of officers in the temple of justice must adhere to the tenets of democracy and equality. Marginalization must also be rejected within the Bar.