Recently the NBA President, Mr. Paul Usoro SAN has been the target of an EFCC prosecution on the monies received by his firm as professional fee from the Akwa – Ibom State Government. 
The Honourable President responded to the EFCC in a letter below dated 5th June, 2018 providing details on the matters being handled by his firm on behalf of the State Government. 

Furthermore, lawyers have reacted to the perceived persecution of the NBA President and view same as an attack on the legal profession with no legal or moral basis whatsoever. Find some comments by lawyers below – 

“The harassment of Lawyers by the EFCC is becoming alarming. I recall it happened to Chief Mike Ozekome, the NBA kept quiet and they became emboldened. The court ruled against the EFCC. Today it’s Paul, tomorrow it will be other lawyers. It’s an intrusion into the independence of the legal profession which is a core value of our noble profession. Lawyers must come together and challenge this abuse.
– Emmanuel Henry -Eshiet, Esq.”

“Because they don’t want him to be president of the bar. Interests aligned together and attackers gathered together. An enemy to my enemy is my friend. That’s what is in the play here. Also Usoro defeated the EFCC twice. 1, with saraki when they couldn’t achieve their aim, 2, with becoming the president and also refusing to play their tune as regards the politics happening in akwaibom. Efcc freezing state account, but we all know where it will end. So attacking Usoro is the best game for them…

Just like they think the AGF too is guilty of something’s as regards the maina shit, they will just dig up unnecessary facts and use it to embarrass their target. They did it to Mike Ozekhome SAN, he isn’t talking again today. 

Mr. President, no shaking, we are with you on this one. The worst is that he would be docked and he would be let out on self recognizance after which the battle starts…. (What’s gonna be the gain of EFCC) second over 700 lawyers including well respected silks are ready for this…. And on the long run the issues for determination would affect the BAR… Let’s see where it ends… So if I charge a client 5 billion and he’s paying and still oweing for numerous cases oooo, I should be docked abi…..? 
Shameless people. Let them come. 
All the wailers game plans even at NEC is already in the open…. Let’s see how it goes today? Your point of order plan etc… Let’s see how it goes…. *No Shaking, We STAND WITH PAUL USORO*” 

Presently, over 700 lawyers have stated their interest in representing the NBA President against the allegations of the EFCC and many more have become agitated over the perceived political manipulations being spear headed by the EFCC.