It is no secret that
Nigerian creatives are one of our biggest exports at this time as a country.
Nollywood is doing an amazing job and so are our artists, our fashion designers
and also our athletes. Moreso, the creative industry is directly responsible
for quite a number of employment figures in the country today.

From names like Davido,
Wiskid, Burna boy, Anthony Joshua, Olu Bakare and Omotola Jalade, their global
trails continue to blaze the Nigerian flag and way of life globally. One thing
the Nigerian creative industry however needs is support. Legal support from the
legal profession and political support from the government to enable them go a
long way.

For instance, the issue of
copyright that has always continue to stifle the industry due to the lack of
adequate government support. For this reason  creatives continue to suffer the harmful
effects of piracy. Obviously, there is a need to reposition the creative
industry in Nigeria and Lawyers have a huge role to play in exposing our
creative to potential markets and helping to structure deals that benefits the
Nigerian creatives.

Certainly, there must be a
gathering of all the Professionals in this space to foster better collaboration
and profitability. During the Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar
Association scheduled to hold between the 23rd & 29th
of August, 2019, Legal Practitioners will be coming allowing to discuss this

It would be an opportunity
for Lawyers to come together to draw – up a plan focused on the Nigerian
creative and role of Lawyers in that space. Obviously there are   a member of untapped opportunities in the
Nigerian creative space, for all stake holders including Lawyers and it would
be great to see lawyers deliberate a way to actively take part in the discuss.

Join other lawyers in the
breakout session titled keeping up with the creatives: opportunities in the
sports, media and entertainment industry, it promises to be an amazing time.