I believe in a Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) driven by visionary, selfless and exemplary leadership with the requisite capacity, competence and courage of conviction. 

I want to secure the future of the Legal Profession. In doing this and achieving my goals , I will undertake the following strategic steps and actions:

1. To Strengthen its role and relevance to its members, both Seniors and Juniors, particularly the young generation of Lawyers through calculated plans and execution of institutional welfare programmes;

2. To take pro-active and sustained efforts to change the present negative perception of the Nigerian society that the Legal Profession is one of the problems of the Nation;

3. To strategically and vigorously pursue the protection, defence and promotion of the Rule of Law as basis for sustainable constitutional democracy in Nigeria and,

4. To defend, preserve and promote the independence of the Legal Profession in general and in particular the independence of lawyers and Judges in the practice of their Profession. 

These is my mission, vission and covenant with you.

Dele Adesina SAN FCI Arb.
23rd June, 2020