“Paul Usoro, in spite of your great and numerous achievements you have remained simple and humble. As humble as you are, you give no one cause to take you for granted. You know the law and that is the source of your confidence. You have a studious disposition and that is how a lawyer ought to be. You are honest and courageous. And that is what the times in which we live now demand. A time will never come when we shall forget you. You are a remarkable man. May the Lord remember you for the labour that you have laboured. May he remember your dedication and steadfastness. May he reward your generosity and public spirit. May the Good Lord remember your greatness of heart and your courage.  Paul, because you are a man of rank and position, I take the liberty to say that in spite of all the odds we shall celebrate. Because of men and women like you, we live in hope.” — Chief Kanu Agabi, SAN ( Former Attorney General of the Federation)