For most young wigs, getting their legal career up to a good start after their post bar experience is a major bend that defines their trajectory. To help them navigate that crossroad, GreySage Consulting teamed up with dynamic attorney and digital media influencer, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, for an exclusive mentoring workshop recently in Lagos.
The workshop which drew participants from Lagos, and neighbouring states, held on the 7th of December, 2018, at the Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) Conference and Exhibition Centre, Ikeja, Lagos.
Under an interactive atmosphere, the event was staged to create an avenue where share vital information on how young lawyers can master survival skills and create a professional life that effectively rewards them. The teachings were hinged on four pillars all pointing them towards desired career goals. 
Akinyemi who has contributed to Nigeria’s creative ecosystem drew on his experience as a Lawpreneur to highlight some of the pitfalls that has become major building blocks. The Lawpreneur demonstrated how he uses digital tools to push the boundaries within the legal ecosystem.  

Attendees were taught on how each individual can build a Community that supports law practice; what to do before starting a practice in Nigeria; how to cultivate a Personal Brand that supports your career and; how Nigerian lawyers can leverage content in a digital world.
After presentation on the topics, Akinyemi entertained a barrage of questions from the animated participants on the subjects examined. The workshop was lively and impassioned. The attendees also shared brilliant perspectives on what they learnt giving them an opportunity to also co-influence.
The workshop had about 30 lawyers in attendance. They left there with a mind shift, and renewed hope in finding a rewarding path with earned law degrees.

See some pictures from the event.