A lot of business is conducted during unofficial hours and weekends. While enjoying TGIF with friends and partners or having a chat, lots of deals worth billions are being struck over handshakes and champagne toasts.

The problem however is that you always agree to finalise the paper work later on which sometimes can pull the brakes on your business idea and slow things down a lot.

What if you could change that?

What if you could get your contracts and agreements customized to your specifics before you even finish the toast?

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1. Contract of Employment

2. Power of Attorney

3. Sales Agreement

4. Licensing Agreement

5. Non – Disclosure Agreements

6. Loan Guaranty Agreement

7. Loan Agreement

8. Uber Commercial Transport Agreement

9. Tenancy Agreement

10. Affidavits and lots more

To customize an Agreement, simply;

1. Visit www.legalnaija.com

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Our smart contract templates is revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses engage with legal, and this powerful tool is now in your hands.

Are you going to empower yourself and your business?

Legalnaija Team