Loving a lawyer can be an amazing experience, not only are you with a very smart, talented and intelligent person but you know they definitively also have style.

If you have a lawyer Bae, here a few tips on how you can show them you love them this valentine.

1. Support their law practice by referring clients to them.

2. Buy them books in their area of practice, you can find law books here legalnaija.com/shop plus you get a 15% discount when you use the Voucher Code: ILOVELAWYERS

3. Don’t stress a lawyer, they are already dealing with a lot at work so don’t add to that.

4. Get your facts/ stories right because lawyers deal with a lot two-time double dealers in the course of their work, so they will spot any inconsistencies in your statements, and you don’t want them to grill you like an hostile witness.

5. Give them space for work and understand their jobs are very important.

6. Be patient with them. Lawyers are thinkers, and their minds never stop working, so dating them requires communication, understanding, and patience.

If you have at more tips for anyone dating a lawyer, drop them below this tweet.