Yes, it’s the first TGIF in 2020 and you might decide to rock the weekend in a pair of trendy shoes or sneakers BUT have you ever wondered how much LAW goes into producing those fancy shoes for you? 

Here is a rundown of fun facts about your shoes. 
1. It’s Trademarked 
If the designer of your shoe is worth its salt, then it has definitely definitely Trademarked its name and logo. 
2. Patent & Desings 
Did you know that Nike’s trademark for its “Air Force 1” shoe covers the stitching on the outside, the design of the panels on the outside, the design of the eyelets for the laces, the design of a vertical ridge pattern on the sides of the sole, and the placement of those features in relation to each other.

3. Contracts 
Obviously someone was employed and paid to make your lovely pair of shoes. That relationship is based on an employment and all necessary employment laws and statutes will apply. 
4. Contracts
Some of the contracts and agreements concerning your hot and trendy shoes may include wholesale and retail contracts between the manufacturers and sellers. Not to exclude any manufacturing contracts that may also apply. 
So when rocking your shoes, respect the law that made it available for your style pleasures.