As the legal profession welcomes an influx of new starry-eyed wigs estimated at about 4,000 every year, their chances of securing juicy opportunities in existing law firms are few and far between. The labour shortfall in addition to the worrisome number of disillusionment among young lawyers is a burden that GreySage Consulting, a Lagos-based legal seeks to bear.
With hands on approach, GreySage Consulting has teamed up with experienced and dynamic attorney, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, for exclusive an session with young lawyers. The session is scheduled for December 7th, 2018, in Ikeja, Lagos.
Willing participants will leverage an opportunity to learn to create career enhancing tips. With keen understanding of the dynamics of the terrain as a professional who has continued to make a huge impact, Akinyemi will beam his lazer on four important topics areas:
1. How to build a Community that supports your law practice;
2. What you must do before starting a practice in Nigeria;
3. How to cultivate a Personal Brand that supports your career and;
4. How Nigerian lawyers can leverage content in a digital world.
Akinyemi, having studied industry trends and the effects of globalization, revealed 7 reasons why young lawyers must attend this workshop;
1. Participants will get the right information to help plan the next 2 – 3 years of their professional life.
2. Participants will be assigned a step-by-step guide of what to do to advance secure and rapid professional development.
3. Attendees will be given assigned time-bound tasks to apply all that was thought at the seminar.
4. Immediately after the workshop, all attendees will be housed in an exclusive mentorship program for a month.
5. All attendees will get the rare chance to brush up their skills and knowledge on the latest trends in the legal profession. The knowledge gained will help them leapfrog over and above their peers.
6. Attendees will be thought the value of building a powerful network.
7. Attendees will be acquainted with entrepreneurial skill set, a Do-It-Yourself approach to career development, and creating a prosperous and fulfilling work life.
To book a spot, at a ridiculously affordable fee, click on the link below, or send an email to or call +2349098028375.
About GreySage Consulting

GreySage Consulting Ltd. is a new consulting company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The firm is dedicated to empowering practitioners in the Creative and Legal industry, via trainings, seminars, advisory services, industry-specific events, mentorship, and Network events.