Have you ever whipped out your genitals in public?
don’t mean when you are sun bathing on one of the various nude beaches
scattered across the world. I mean have you ever done so in a mall, soccer
match or party? Absurd question right? Yes I know and I don’t expect an answer
in the affirmative either, anyone who does that will definitely be considered a
candidate for yaba left
try another scenario, have you ever whipped out your genitals and induced
another to massage or touch it? I bet at least one person reading this blog
must have done so at one point. Freak.

I am just here to let you know that you need to always keep your genitals
covered and private else you may be breaking the law. That’s because it is
actually recognised by law as a matter of violence against persons. Now, don’t
get scared, I don’t mean when 2 consenting adults are engaging in
sexual related activities; I can imagine you just broke into a sweat while
reading this paragraph.
am actually trying to call your attention to the provisions of Section 26 of
the Violence Against Persons Act 2015. The Act states that:
(1) A
person who intentionally exposes his or her genital organs, or a substantial
part thereof with the intention of causing distress to the other party, or that
another party seeing it may be tempted or induced to commit an offence under
this Act, commits an offence termed ‘indecent exposure’.
what I mean? The law further states that:
(2)  A person who intentionally exposes his or her
genital organs, or a substantial part thereof, and induces another to either
massage, or touch with the intention of deriving sexual pleasure commits an offence.
Therefore, assuming John
invites Kelly over or vice versa, then John flips out his genitals and induces
Kelly to touch it or massage it, he has committed a crime. Have you ever
committed such an act?
What is most important at
this point is that the culprit of such an act according to Section 26(3) of the
Violence Against Persons Act will be liable upon conviction by a court to a
term of imprisonment not less than 1 year or to a fine not exceeding N500,000
or both.
So in a nutshell, if he or
she isn’t a consenting adult partner, please keep your genitals to yourself.
Adedunmade Onibokun Esq.