A contract of employment is a contract between an employer and employee in which the terms and conditions of employment are stated. The term “employee” denotes anyone who is employed under a contract of employment for remuneration and an employer is such person who employs an employee.

An employment contract is an agreement which carries with it an obligation to pay wages in return for service and a corresponding right of control on the part of the employer. Before an employer/employee can make claims under the contract of employment, such party must prove that the existence of a contractual relationship. A contract of employment can be oral, written, or partly oral and written; it may even be inferred or implied from the conduct of the parties, though most contracts of employment are either oral or written.

Usually a contract of employment contains the following clauses;

  1. Name of parties
  2. Address of parties
  3. Date of commencement
  4. Salary and emoluments
  5. Work hours
  6. Non – Compete clauses
  7. Ownership of intellectual property
  8. Vacation and Annual Leaves
  9. Termination of Employment, and much more.

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