Our attention has been drawn to an online publication titled “RAMINBA CONDEMNS VOTE BUYING BY DELE ADESINA SAN”.

Again, we are extremely disappointed by this action of our “professional” colleagues spreading falsehood and blatant lies all in the hope of diminishing the candidature of our Dele Adesina SAN.

Suffice to say that our candidate as a core Democrat IS NOT AND WILL NEVER be involved in any vote buying or any act that would diminish  the democratic process.

The said text message did not emanate from Dele Adesina SAN, who is yet to set up his campaign committee or his Team of Friends, as we will not even address our  Deacon Dele *Adesina* SAN as Deacon Dele *Adeshina* SAN. We know how to spell his name. We believe that this is even a pointer to the actual originators of this mischief. Be that as it may, we shall investigate the origin of the said false and malicious sms and take appropriate action(s) thereon.

That said, we urge everyone to disregard the alleged publication which emanated from the annals of elements who from the outset had declared Dele Adesina SAN as an enemy. Their sole driving purpose is to cast aspersions on the reputation and candidature of our reverred Deacon Dele Adesina SAN, who has devoted and dedicated his life to the bettermemt of law practice and the NBA in particular. We are certain that their evil machinations shall not only fail, but they shall be exposed in due course.

Friends of Dele Adesina SAN