The High Court of the FCT gave the ruling in an action instituted by Folarin Aluko against the branch and her bankers Access bank claiming inter Alia that he is the chairman of the branch by virtue of a court order made by Kekemeke J in favor of Ezenwa Anumnu and by which capacity he should be the signatory of the branch accounts with Access bank.

Recall that there has been a leadership tussle in the branch by which Folarinwa Aluko claiming to have received his chairmanship mandate pursuant to an interim order of court granted to Ezenwa Anumnu four years ago in an originating summons action in which he sought a declaration that he is the chairman of NBA Abuja branch and which action is still pending before the court till date and yet to be determined or the reliefs sought granted more than four years after the institution of the said originating summons
The branch filed a Preliminary Objection challenging the action and after same was argued, the High Court of the FCT before which the matter was pending held that the court order made in favor of Ezenwa Anumnu was an order in persona which does not enure to Folarin Aluko and as such he cannot take benefit or advantage of the order to claim to be the Chairman of the branch in order to be entitled to be added as a signatory to the branch account consequently the court held that Folarinwa Aluko and Ebuka Nweze the applicants not being the Chairman and Secretary of the Branch respectively lacks the locus standi to institute the action as the Chairman and or Secretary of the branch and proceeded to award a cost of 100,000 Naira against the Claimants in Favor of the Defendant’s
This ruling of the High Court of the FCT has put to bed the issues surrounding the Chairmanship tussle in the branch especially the claim of legitimacy of the Folarinwa Aluko group which is founded on an interim order of injunction granted to Ezenwa Anumnu which the court has now held to be an order in persona and ends with the said Ezenwa Anumnu as same neither transferable or confers any rights or legitimacy to Folarin and his group.