I do not expect lawyers to play politics this way. Do not propagate falsehood against professional colleagues in the name of NBA politics. As against the false entry salary of 35K being touted around, I know as a fact that Corps members get far above 35K as allowance per month in Dele Adesina & Co. I worked for over six years in the Firm and I am in a position to state the true position. Young and discerning members of our Profession should not be misled!

Indeed, similar propaganda was used against Presidential candidates in the 2018 NBA Elections. Since this Exco assumed office, have they compelled law firms in Nigeria to pay what Paul Usoro SAN pays lawyers in his office? NO!
Will Olumide Akpata or Ajibade SAN compel law firms in Nigeria to pay what they pay their lawyers as salary? Or will they employ all junior lawyers in their Firms? How many young brilliant lawyers without connection can get employment in their Firms?

Think of someone who can create enabling environment for young lawyers to be gainfully employed. Dele Adesina was the head of the Secretariat of the NBA administration that performed creditably well in the history of NBA with legacies including but not limited to the creation of the Section of Business Law and Legal Practice and the only attempt at fixing remuneration for junior Lawyers in 2002 with a view to addressing the exploitation of junior members of the Bar at the time.

Lawyers deal with facts not fiction. I am compelled to respond to this falsehood as several unsuspecting young lawyers appear to believe this wicked and demeaning propaganda.

I am Olumide Olaiya Esq. and I just want lawyers to play politics with decency.