Today, the 1st of May, 2020 marks International Worker’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrate workers and institutions the world over. It is also a day to celebrate the dignity that comes from hard work and the fruits of our labour.  
I celebrate all my fellow learned colleagues today, particularly those who have continued to chart a course for our nation through hardwork, diligence as well as promotion of the rule of law and democratic principles. The legal Profession has evolved over the years as a strong voice for the promotion of due process and rule of law in the country.
I recognize and salute the invaluable contributions of our great bar leaders both past and living, and distinguished Nigerian legal practitioners, in the struggle for a better society. Moreso, Nigerian lawyers play a leading role in our quest for a society that puts premium on selfless sacrifice and diligence in both the public and private sectors, and continues to be a worthy partner with stakeholders in Civil Society for our shared quest for greater appreciation of Nigerian workers.
I therefore, dedicate today to all the lawyers who have continued to use their expertise to create a better society for us all and contribute their quota in service to humanity and our great nation. On behalf of myself and colleagues at Dele Adesina LP, I wish all Nigerian lawyers  Happy Workers Day.
Dele Adesina SAN