Our Profession is at a cross-road. Some others have argued that the Profession is under siege. Today, we increasingly have to contend with disobedience of Court Orders and Judgments. There is the challenge to independence of the Judiciary as an institution as well as the independence of Lawyers and Judges as professionals. The worship of money and men rather than the worship of God have also become part of the problems of the Profession. 

The general perception today is that our Judiciary is corrupt and that Lawyers and Judges are part of the Nation’s problems. Even though the conduct of some of our Members tend to justify this perception, but permit me to say that the conduct of a few Members does not and cannot justify the general condemnation of our Judicial institution and our beloved Profession.

Culled from Dele Adesina SAN’s Goodwill Message To The Young Lawyers Forum (Y.L.F) Ilorin Branch, on the occasion of their Annual Bar Dinner which held on 7th December, 2019