We need a prepared leadership and not an accidental leadership. Only a prepared leadership can guarantee success for his organization or his society. The prosperity of the young generation of lawyers in this country today may appear uncertain but believe me that it is possible for you individually and collectively to succeed and prosper in the Profession. You know what? I wish to say that if it is possible, it is practicable and if it is practicable, then, it is realizable once we apply ourselves spiritually, physically and professionally to the ideals and ethics of the Profession. The truth is that you must be determined and cut the right picture for you to succeed. As I always say, your picture determines your future.

Culled from Dele Adesina SAN’s Goodwill Message To The Young Lawyers Forum (Y.L.F) Ilorin Branch, on the occasion of their Annual Bar Dinner which held on 7th December, 2019