I have observed recent events in the NBA with great concern. A member of noble profession which I still believe the legal profession is should not be found wanting in character, reputation and credibility. He should also not be seen instigating and inducing division among the members of the profession particularly between the seniors and juniors in the Association. We should not forget the popular motto “The Young Shall Grow”  

An election into an office in NBA for just a 2 years term should not be a do or die affair and is not a good reason to destroy the same Association that is suppose to provide leadership, serve as a pillar of support and strength for the people most especially the vulnerable in our society.

The above foregoing underscore the point that we need a  President of NBA that understands the dynamics and the problems of the legal profession and its members. The President that has capacity and experience by being a former officer at branch and/or  National levels with unblemished records. He must also be a committed bar man. Who among the present contestants today do you think fit this office? 

It is none other than DASAN. So let us continue to do needful and together we can secure the future of our profession and Association.
Dele Adesina SAN is the best candidate for the NBA President