These goals and objectives can only be achieved through sustained and constant stakeholder engagement and consultations.  I will operate an open-door policy and all stakeholders will continually be consulted on issues that affect and/or relate to them.  It is my belief that every lawyer must have a voice in the affairs of the Association and, in particular, in matters that affect them.  There will therefore be clear channels of communication that would make it easy for NBA members to reach and have access to me and Bar leaders generally. 

I also intend to lead by example in institutionalising transparency and accountability in the administration of the NBA.  The programmes that I have articulated in this Manifesto, I must mention, are auditable constitute my pact with members of the NBA and I am willing to be judged by and held accountable therefor.  I also commit to use my network of relationships in the corporate world in achieving these goals and for the benefit of the Association.  It is my hope that at the end of my tenure as the NBA President, the Association would be the better for it and be the envy of other professional associations in and outside Africa.    



29 June 2018