Anti Funke, I am sad reading this and I know the same is applicable to numerous supporters in whose hearts you have created a larger than life image. You can NEVER be a traitor or seen by anybody as such.

You are one of the best that Yoruba race has ever produced。Your achievements locally and internationally speak volumes! Let me borrow the words of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, in referring to you, ma, as “jewel of inestimable value” to Yoruba race!

I fell in love with your idea due to dexterity you exhibited at the Kaduna Conference (1988 or 89?) when Rotimi Akeredolu SAN (Aketi) contested and stepped into the shoes of PRO you just left!

I stuck to you and your idea because of your oratorical dexterity and ambient erudition, albeit without clinching to u physically. I don’t know your house or chamber but I appeared before you at LPPC about thrice and without knowing me as your ardent supporter your Committee scored me “very high”!
That is u Anti Funke!

I fought behind you that you had no hands in fighting your race because of “misdemeanour” of the past by the beneficiary of their common decision. Now I am hands down. How I wished you had shown interest in contesting the election!
Anti Funke, we went for the best and we are sure of victory since a good product needs no advert!

However, I sincerely plead with you to forget the past and refuse the temptation to throw away the baby with the bath water. The baby this time is not DASAN but common good of Yorubas! DASAN/AJIBADESAN CASE will soon become history! After Mama Priscilla we all look up to you for leadership in Southwest. Taa ba ni kaa begi n’igbo, Anti Funke, a be eeyan mo! Eyin agba tun p’owe pe, “t’aaba binu ka ma se f’aso ya”! Maami, e je bure!

This isn’t for the election purpose as I said earlier. Let your candidate and Yoruba adopted candidate go for the election. But thereafter let peace return to the House of Oduduwa. In 6 years time it will be the turn of Osun that has NEVER produced NBA President and so far Akinboro SAN is the uncrowned prince unless Egbe decides otherwise but definitely it is the turn of Osun State! Edo and Delta should be encouraged to continue to bring up candidates against the 6 other States. It augurs well for democracy.

My sister, I sincerely apologise for coming out openly to address you, ma. I do this because I dont want to be misquoted in this period when WhatsApp are being hacked. Even now you will be amazed with the heading social media lawyer-journalist will give this family discourse!

Elenu rirun lo saa ni amun iya re!
Anti Funke, I love you and I will admire you forever! Greetings to your candidate too!

*I support the best by far, *DELE ADESINA, SAN!*

Chief Yomi Alliyu SAN