As a young lawyer, who believed I could CHANGE THE WORLD, the inspiration to start @Legalnaija, the 1st online LEGAL EDUCATION blog in Nigeria at the time, was borne from my desire to answer many of the lingering legal questions on the minds of AVERAGE NIGERIANS and empower CITIZENS with information on their legal rights and obligations.
Whether I have succeeded in changing the world is up for debate but my experience has provided me with quite a unique perspective and insight on one of the knotty issues faced by professionals, most especially lawyers. 
Over the next couple of days, I am going to make a big ANNOUNCEMENT that would benefit quite a number of special people. If you consider yourself special, I want you to ANTICIPATE and WATCH THIS SPACE.
By the way, anyone who can guess exactly what my announcement is going to be gets to win a gift. 
Yours truly,