What is an art licensing agreement?

An artist licensing agreement allows an artist while retaining full copyright ownership of their work, to grant permission to another party to use their art.

How it works
As an artist, your job is to paint masterpieces and you must have created some amazing pieces of art in your career, which are no doubt collectors’ items. Now imagine, a brand or company wants to use your art in a promotional material, film or commercial. A licensing agreement is the legal document the artist signs with the brand or company wanting to use the art work. In this relationship, the artist is known as the Licensor, while the company or brand is known as the Licensee.

As an artist and the creator of your works of art, you are the sole owner of your work’s copyright, until you sell or transfer the copyright to another entity. Whether you become involved in an artist licensing agreement for a short amount of time, or permanently, you still own the rights to your work. As sole owner, you retain several absolute rights for the works you produce under the Copyright Act.

The Terms Covered in an Artist Licensing Agreement are

* Who the artist is and who the client is
* The duration of time that the licensing agreement will last
* The products that the artist’s images will appear on
* The distribution and the selling of the products that have the artist’s artwork on them
* The artist will have approval in how the client treats the artwork
* How much the client will agree to pay the artist in advance and in royalties
* The frequency that the client will pay the artist for the use of their work
* How the artist can exit the licensing agreement if they no longer want to be apart of it

The benefit of licensing your work can be quite substantial including more financial income.

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