Being a pretty girl
or handsome chap fitbe trouble can
be a curse sometimes because your fine boy or fine girl beauty or good
looks will attract the good, the bad and the ugly to you. LOL. A friend once
told me she gave her gate keeper strict orders not to let anyone into her house
unauthorized because a certain young man had been stalking her by showing up at
her door uninvited and calling her phone several times even though she didn’t
give him the time of day. I know this is a major issue facing a lot of ladies
but I am glad to announce that respite is here for ladies in Abuja as stalking
has been officially labelled a crime by the recent Violence Against Persons Act
(2015) passed into law by President Jonathan.
Section 17 (1) of
the Act provides that:

“ A person who
stalks another commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of
imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or to a fine not exceeding N500, 000 or
One must also note
that even an attempt to stalk another person can earn the stalker a jail term
not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding N200, 000 or both.
Credits- Google
Inciting another to
commit the act of stalking is also a crime and the culprit will be liable to
not more than one year in prison or a fine of N200, 000 or both.
Also aiding a
stalker makes one an accessory after the fact and such person is liable to jail
term not exceeding a year or a fine not exceeding N100,000 or both.
If you know a
stalker, save them jail term or a fine and send this blog post to them and if
are the victim of a stalker, call the police because that person is definitely
going to jail according to the law. Note however that if your husband or
wife is a monitoring spirit, this law may not be able to help you,LOL.