I have heard people speak about
Paul Usoro SAN as regards his passion to develop the legal profession through
sponsorship of different capacity programmes, some of which challenge the legal
mind, and others are sporting activities which not only challenge the mind and
body, but create relaxation and promote friendship amongst lawyers. I am well positioned to
speak on his involvement in the area of sports, having won the females’ gold
medal and trophy at the MFOM USORO LAWYERS’ TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP (An annual
lawyers table tennis competition sponsored by Paul Usoro SAN since 2009) for
seven consecutive times.

Table tennis is a passion I nurtured from childhood. I attempted
to develop it to a competitive level then. I needed to go to school but
couldn’t put sports and schooling together. ”Hey, you can’t eat your cake and
have it”, i was told. So I dropped table tennis for school.

While in UNIBEN in 1995, during the West Africa Universities
Games (WAUG) hosted by the school that year, I won a bronze medal in the
females’ doubles in the game and thought that was about the closest I could
come to expressing myself in this area I love so much.

You can then imagine my delight when in 2009, Paul Usoro put
smiles on my face (and that of many other colleagues) by creating a platform
for lawyers to interact in this manner. I have always known that this was
necessary since sports is life, but I never thought anyone could conceive, let
alone birth such an idea in this our otherwise conservative ”fit and proper”
professional environment. I would ordinarily jump at any opportunity for a game
of table tennis without incentives.

Paul Usoro however tied mouth-watering prizes ranging from Law
Reports, Sports Kits, Cash Prizes and Return Ticket to International Bar
Association (IBA) Conferences to it. So, I have everything to play for and
nothing to lose. Thank you Paul Usoro, for giving me the opportunity to eat my
cake and still have it.

Apart from the sponsorship, what amazes me year in and out is
the personality of Paul Usoro and his wife, so much humility and courteousness.
We get treated each time like kings and Queens that sometimes, i get confused
as to who is doing who a favour.

The NBA today is in need of a president that is sensitive to the
welfare of its members. A president that would go to the core to ignite, re
establish and redefine the essence of the association to center around the

NBA is in need of a pathfinder, one who would think outside the
box to open up new frontiers of opportunities to the lawyer (like he did in his
specialized area of practice) and protect existing ones from incursion. A
president who sincerely loves the profession and has demonstrated his sincerity
and commitment to its progress even when political office was not contemplated.
Need I say more?

Source – www.thenigerianlawyer.com