Energy laws govern the use and taxation of energy, both renewable and non-renewable. Also, Energy lawyers work on a variety of concepts relating to energy. They also work in multiple sectors, including clean energy, nuclear power, oil, and gas.

If you want to perfect your skill in Nigerian Energy Law, here are 6 books available on Legalnaija you should add to your law library.

1. Oil and Gas Law In Nigeria

This includes the ff laws;

– Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2020

-Oil Spill and Oilly Waste Management Regulation

-.Oil Spill Recovery, Clean – Up Remediation And Damage Assessment Regulations, 2011

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2. Essays On Nigerian Electricity Law

This book is a collection of articles on the various issues or aspects of electricity law and regulation in Nigeria. It covers various peer-reviewed articles on the subject such as: “The Pathway to Energy Liberation in Nigeria: Lessons for Namibia”; “Manitoba Hydro and Electricity Undertakings In Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria”; “Regulation of the Captive Power Generation and Rural Electrification”; “Implications and Challenges of a Privatized Power Sector In Nigeria: Perspectives to Host Community Concerns”; “Comparative Appraisal of Renewable Energy Laws and Policies” (2014); “Challenges and Developments in the Nigerian Power Industry”; “Compulsory Purchase as an Alternative to Revocation of Title to Land for Electricity Purpose in Nigeria”; “Beyond Power Sector Reforms: The Need for Decentralised Energy Options (‘DEOPs’) for Electricity Governance in Nigeria”; “Electricity Regulation and the Protection of Rights of Electricity Consumers In Nigeria: Revisiting Amadi Vs. Essein; “Prospects and Challenges of Expert Determination and Other Dispute Resolutions Mechanism of the Nigerian Electricity Sector” and other essays on the subject of electricity law and regulation.

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3. Nigerian Petroleum, Energy and Gas Resources Law

This book explores the topical and contentious issues of the Nigerian Petroleum, Energy and Gas Resources Law, and the transition to low carbon energy in Nigeria. The legal and business risks confronting financing of oil and gas investments and renewable energy development drive in Nigeria and the way forward.

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4. Nigerian Energy Resources Law and Practice


5. Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market

There have been several policies in the Petroleum industry such as those related to local content and domestic gas supply obligations. This book provides a clear Insight about executing transactions, obtaining licenses and other complex issues industry participants encounter

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6. The Nigerian Electricity Market; Understanding The Transactional, Legal & Policy Issues

The books aims at giving industry participants all the necessary negotiating tools as they engage in the complexities within the power sector in Nigeria. The books discusses licenses, agreements, and regulations that operate within the power industry space.

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