Since the Lawyers Table Tennis Open tourney made its debut nine years ago, the tournament has stealthily grown to become one of Nigeria’s foremost sporting events for lawyers in the country. 

Sponsored by Mfon Usoro, with her husband, Paul Usoro, SAN, both heavyweights as far as Nigeria’s legal ecosystem is concerned, the competition attracts members of the Bar from far and wide.  While the event is now firmly a permanent fixture in Nigeria’s legal space, the buzz around this year’s edition was certainly a couple of decibels higher than usual.

The finals of the competition took place at the National stadium in Lagos on Saturday the 21st of October and it was certainly worth the hype.

Here is a recap of some of the key moments just in case you missed out on it.

1. The kids were not left out!

For a split second, it seemed like the kids were also in the race for the prize money. What with the large turnout of children that turned up for the tournament (courtesy of their parents who brought them of course), one was tempted to think that the organizers had included a category for children in this year’s edition. And they weren’t there just to show support for their parents as they had a grand time playing around the venue. Maybe it’s time for a Children’s category. Amen somebody?

2. We have a new Women’s champion
After 7 consecutive years as Women’s Champion, Titilayo Osagie finally yielded the throne to Yetunde Martin after an intriguing battle.  We still don’t know which is more shocking: the dethroning of Titilayo or the ascension of Yetunde. Be that as it may, Yetunde walked away with the cash prize of N250,000, a trophy and an undisclosed cash prize from Mr.Paul Usoro. The ink is barely dried on this year’s edition and we can’t wait for next year: Will Yetunde manage an encore or will Titilayo attempt a comeback. Or maybe a new champion will emerge? We can’t wait 

3. Paul Usoro challenges Alex Muoka

Now this escalated quickly. Paul Usoro, the quintessential lawyer’s lawyer and patron of the competition squared up against and Alex Muoka,former Chairman of the NBA, Lagos Chapter, in a novelty match. Good to see both distinguished lawyers ditch the robe and wig to wield their table tennis bats.  

4. Aerobics Session

This had to be the highlight of the day! Midway into the competition, Mr Udie Peter, the personal trainer for Mrs Mfon Usoro challenged everyone to a quick session of Aerobics. This was particularly hilarious with the various styles of aerobics displayed. Find below pictures and videos.

5. Lawyers Know How To Unwind
Whoever said lawyers don’t know how to have fun? Beyond the enthralling ping-pong duels the event was certainly an opportunity for members of the bar to let their hair down and have fun. And boy did they seize the opportunity with both hands!
Congratulations to all that participated in the 2017 edition! It was particularly fun and we look forward to seeing you at the next year’s edition.