6 Books For Oil and Gas Lawyer

Oil and gas law is a complex and dynamic field that requires specialized knowledge and skills. If you are an oil and gas lawyer or aspiring to be one, you might want to check out these four books that cover various aspects of the Nigerian energy and petroleum industry. These books are written by experts and practitioners who have extensive experience and insight into the legal, regulatory, and commercial issues that affect the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. All six books are available on Legalnaija, a leading online platform for legal resources and services in Nigeria.

1. Nigerian Energy And Petroleum Industry Law https://legalnaija.com/product/nigerian-energy-and-petroleum-industry-law/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

2. Nigerian Petroleum, Energy and Gas Resources Law https://legalnaija.com/product/nigerian-petroleum-energy-and-gas-resources-law/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

3. Understanding Petroleum (Oil & Gas) Transactions and the Nigerian Market https://legalnaija.com/product/understanding-petroleum-oil-gas-transactions-and-the-nigerian-market/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

4. Oil and Gas Laws In Nigeria https://legalnaija.com/product/oil-gas-laws-in-nigeria/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

5.Nigerian Energy And Natural Resources Law https://legalnaija.com/product/nigerian-energy-and-natural-resources-law/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

6. Nigerian Energy Resources Law And Practice https://legalnaija.com/product/nigerian-energy-resources-law-and-practice/ #legalnaija via @legalnaija

Order all the books via the links above or send a mail to hello@legalnaija.com or whatsapp 09029755663.