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1. A Trademark is a symbol or sign that differentiates the goods and services of one business from another.

2. You can register your trademark at the Ministry of Trade and investment.

3. A TM grants the owner exclusive right to use the mark to identify goods and services.

4. Trademarks are not universal and usually are required to be locally registered in any country wherein it is to be protected.

5. A TM helps safeguard the owner’s reputation.

6. A Trademark can include a name, invented word, phrase, logo, symbols, images or any combination thereof.

7. A Trademark is valid for 7 years but can be renewed for 14 years.

8. Upon infringement of your TM, legal action can be taken against such persons who commit such infringement.

9. If you do not register your trademark, others can.

10. Your Trademark provides valuable marketing to a company and helps position a brand’s goods and services in the market place.

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