You will agree the education
of a lawyer should not be left only to the Nigerian Law school and continuous
learning is a big part of every lawyers career.

Moreover, this is true
because there are quite a number of things the fresh lawyer is not exposed to
in the law school, these includes

1.     How
to run a Law a firm.

2.     How
to make a law firm profitable.

3.     How
to manage staff.

4.     How
to get briefs and the art of rain – making.

5.     How
to decide a perfect law firm structure.

6.     How
to build a relationship with other members of the bar.

The above mentioned list is
inconclusive as there are a great many things lawyers are not taught in law
school. This brings to the fore, the importance of pupillage in a lawyer’s
career, especially a young lawyers.

As we start to build the
Lawyers of tomorrow, it is importance that we begin to look carefully into
their careers and how to better prepare them for the uncertain future that lies

Furthermore, we need to
stress the need for continuous education for all lawyers. This topic has been
set aside to be discussed at a breakout session of the Annual General
Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Many senior lawyers and
erudite panelist will be on hand to share their experience and most certainly
younger lawyers must be in the room to learn from them.