1.   The first reason is that the Modules of the training
are designed to empower every lawyer with the required skills to excel. Three of
the Modules focus on Dispute Resolution Mechanisms such as Litigation,
Arbitration and Mediation. Another module focuses on Legal Writing which all
lawyers must master while the 5th module is Forensic Document
Examination. Last but not the least, the Law Firm Profitability module will
teach lawyers how to become rainmakers and position their firms for high

Secondly, the Mediation module is one of its
kind as participants will be taught the business of mediation; the practice of
mediation and the synergy between mediation and emotional intelligence.

For the Arbitration module, participants will
be taught not only the arbitration process but also how to participate in
commercial arbitrations either as counsel or as an Arbitrator.

Another exciting reason why lawyers should attend
the training is that the Litigation module focuses on the skills required for
lawyers to excel in the court room.

Furthermore, Forensic Science is a unique
area many lawyers are yet to get a grasp on, by focusing on Forensic Document Examination,
participants will be equipped with the necessary skill to examine documents and
identify any discrepancies it may contain such as fake signatures, forged handwritings
and counterfeits.

Many lawyers understand the law but have no
idea about what it takes to make a law firm profitable. Expert knowledge of the
business of law is a factor that decides how successful a law firm can be. The
module on Law Firm Profitability will help lawyers learn how to position their Firms
high profits.  

A critic once stated that “lawyers have two
common failings. One is that they do not write well and the other is that they
think they do. Legal writing is one of the most important skills of a lawyer as
legal drafting is an integral aspect of what lawyers do. Participants will get
the opportunity to hone their legal drafting skills immensely at this training.

It is also important to note that the Members
of Faculty at the training have been carefully selected to ensure participants learn
from the very best in the areas of law. Most certainly our members of faculty
will bring to bear their expertise and experience which will benefit
participants immensely.  

Kindly also note that cost of training includes
catering to your tea break and lunch, as well training materials. All participants
would also be awarded a Certificate.

10.  Really, you want to know the 10th
reason! It’s that the value you would derive at the training is priceless in
comparison to the cost and you are certainly getting a great bargain. If you
apply all you learn at our upcoming training, you would be well on your way to achieving
gyour career goals.

Read below to find out more
about the Art of Legal Advocacy and Law Firm Profitability Training for Lawyers


Theme: The
Art of Legal Advocacy






Document Examination 

Firm Marketing & Profitability


1.      Mr. Bode Olanipekun
SAN, Partner, Wole Olanipekun & Co.,

2.      Dr. Abiodun Osiyemi;
President, Forensic Science Academy

3.      Mr. Fola Alade ASCMA
(UK); Principal Partner, Fotefa Partners 

4.      Dr. Chinua Asuzu, Dean,
The Write House; Senior Partner, Assizes Law Firm

5.      Mrs. Busola Ajala  

6.      Mr. Tolu Aderemi,
Partner, Pearchstone & Graeys           

VENUE – NECA House, Plot
A2, Hakeem Balogun Street, Alausa, Ikeja

DATE – 26th and 27th September, 2019

TIME – 9.00am – 5.00pm


Fee per
delegate: –

NOTE: All Payment and Delegate Information
should be sent to lawlexisinternational@gmail.com before
date of training for proper registration. For more information and
confirmation of payment, kindly contact us on  09095635314 or 08055424566.


For: Lawlexis International Ltd.  

Ade Onibokun