Enforcement of Income Taxes

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The book specifically highlights business structures and their tax implications; taxpayers’ dilemma about value added tax and sales tax; tax law and legislative languages; tax education and mobilization; intelligence and information gathering techniques for tax purpose; tax audit and investigation; search and seizure, resolving disputes on assessment; recovery of tax by levying distress, tax recovery by lien; civil litigation; monetary penalties and criminal prosecutions; tax clearance certificate system; practical strategies for tax compliance and revenue growth; tax attorneys and components of tax law practice; ccareer opportunities for lawyers in tax practice; duties and rights of taxpayers among others.



Enforcement of Income Taxes by Kareem Adedokun

This book, Enforcement of Income Taxes, however, is not merely another addition to the available literature. It has a marked distinction. It not only places theory and practice in one place along with legal underpinnings, but also provides an objective assessment of conformation of the practice to theory. A good coverage of recent developments in Nigerian taxation is also a distinguishing feature of this book. The book sets out preliminary issues to tax enforcement, enforcement instruments and institutional mechanism for income tax enforcement.


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