The Book is an academic simplification and explanation of the relatively new Nigeria Data Protection Act signed into law on the 12th day of June 2023. It offers an explanatory walkthrough of the Act, representing an invaluable resource for privacy professionals, legal practitioners, businesses, and individuals seeking clarity and relatable insights into the new data protection legislation in Nigeria with relatable comparisons from the EU General Data Protection Regulation.



Olumide Babalola teaches law at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He is a passionate digital rights and data protection lawyer in Nigeria. He holds a Masters’ degree in International Commercial Law with ICT & Commerce from the University of Reading, United Kingdom where he is conducting extensive research on the concept of privacy and data protection within the jurisprudence of Nigerian courts. Olumide has seven law books to his credit, the penultimate one is titled ‘Privacy and Data Protection Law in Nigeria’ published in 2021.


Paolo Balboni (PHD) is a Professor of Privacy, Cybersecurity, and IT Contract Law at the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC) within the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. His main research focuses are cybersecurity, data management/sharing and data protection as a corporate social responsibility. He is the Chairman of the European Patent Office (EPO) Data Protection Board, Member of the EUMETSAT Data Protection Supervisory Authority, Member of the Europrivacy Board of Experts, Member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on B2B data sharing and cloud computing contracts, and of the Cloud Security Alliance’s AI Safety Expert Group. He is the author of the book Trustmarks in E-Commerce: The Value of Web Seals and the Liability of their Providers.


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