Osun state is currently in the process of electing a new governor at the #OsunDecides2018 and It’s great to see the NBA playing an active role in election monitoring and governance. 
The NBA President, Paul Usoro SAN has described the NBA representatives as very 
knowledgeable and articulate. Certainly all members of the Bar and Bench are proud of them to.  

The NBA President stated in his official statement that – 
“I’ve just finished proudly watching our Osun State Governorship Election Monitoring Team Chairman, Tawo Tawo, SAN & member, Abibat on AIT right now. Very articulate, very knowledgeable & representing us so well. 
I am following the Team’s activities real time & I’m fully satisfied with their work so far. Very proud of the entire Team. Without doubt, we have great men & women in the NBA. 
I thank & commend the entire Team for their devotion & selfless service on our behalf. God bless the NBA. God bless us all.” 
– Paul Usoro SAN 

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