It is granted that election all over the world is all about interests and the forthcoming NBA election is certainly not an exception. Already there are alignments along tribal, ethnic, regional and other related lines, the most popular of these alignments being the new phenomenon of adoption.
The danger of this phenomenon is that it not only shields the adopted son from unbiased and critical assessment of his leadership capital thereby leading to the enthronement of mediocrity, a cost the Bar cannot afford at this time, it also has the imminent danger of enthroning a government that thrives on patronage, settlement and compensation of a few rather than loyalty and service to the Bar, since what was needed to truly represent and serve the Bar was lacking ab initio.
But here is the man that, despite all his detractors have cooked, brewed, concocted and thrown at him, they have not for once doubted his leadership capacity and competence to deliver; neither have they challenged the fact that he is visionary and that his desire to move the Bar forward is cast in stone. These qualities in him they have acknowledged, for which, by the way, I must thank them. But rather they have resorted to matters extraneous to these qualities in a desperate attempt to demarket this perfect gentlemen and strangulate his rising intimidating profile. 
At this juncture, gentlemen of the Bar, it becomes pertinent to ask ourselves this salient question: What exactly is our interest?  What future do we seek for our beloved NBA? This is important because the future of the Bar that we seek is in our hands to create today.
Would you rather vote adoption at the expense of vision, capacity and a brand new Bar?
Vote Paul Usoro, SAN!!!

Oseghale L. Obaga Esq.