Finding the right lawyer for you may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be if you know where to look. Before you begin your search, you must first know that there are different type of lawyers, usually depending on their area of practice, so it’s important that you know what area of law you need legal advice on. These areas may include business registration, tenancy, family and probate or even criminal proceedings.

After you have decided on what area of law you need a lawyer for, it becomes easier to narrow your focus and begin your search. There are quite a number of ways to find a lawyer, examples include through talking to your friends and contact, carrying out an online search, or looking though a Lawyers Directory.  You may also consider looking around your neighborhood as you may spot a law office close to you.

There are also other features that you may need in your ideal lawyer asides area of practice, which is location and sometimes gender. You may need a lawyer in a particular city or state or even want to find a lawyer based on gender. For instance, some parties in divorce proceedings sometimes want a lawyer of the same gender as them. This is due to their belief that such lawyer may understand them better than a lawyer of the opposite gender.

If you are however looking for a lawyer based on the above mentioned criteria,  there is an online directory for Nigerian Lawyers that can be quite helpful. The Legalnaija online lawyers directory allows you find a lawyer through a location, area of practice or gender. The Legalnaija online directory also allows you search for lawyers in any state or community in Nigeria. To find a lawyer in Nigeria now, you can simply find one on the Legalnaija Lawyers Directory.