Happy birthday to you, my Presido, Paul Usoro,SAN.

May God bless you now and always. May the Lord Almighty grant you solomonic wisdom to lead the NBA and set standards that would write your name in bold prints.

Two years may be short but Gen. MURTALA MOHAMMED needed only six months to make history. Bold decisions require less than 24 hours’ action!

Cheers my President.


My Amiable President,
This is to wish you a very big happy birthday sir.Today is a special day to the Nigerian Legal Community worth celebrating because you are a father to most of us,a mentor and role model to all of us.I celebrate you in a very special way my dear President and I pray to God to give you long life and prosperity.May God bless your family, your practice and May HE give you good health,more strength and energy to pilot the affairs of the NBA Amen.Happy Birthday our charismatic, amiable and eloquent 29th President of the NBA!

Wada Ahmed Wada.
Immediate Past National Chairman of NBA Young Lawyers Forum

Let me use this opportunity to wish our president a joyous happy birthday. It is a sizzling and outstanding feeling as you click on 60 on the dial with a burden to move the NBA forwar d. You’re there because you’re the right man for the job. Hit the ground running like the proverbial cheetah Mr. President. Happy birthday to Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN, FCIArb.

Nuhu Suleiman Tafida